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Ammon - descendant of Zarahemla

Short Version: A descendant of Zarahemla (Mulekite), from the land of Zarahemla who led a mission to discover what had happened to those Nephites who had tried to return to the land of Nephi many years before. He helped to rescue them physically and spiritually.

Longer Version: Shortly after Mosiah was consecrated king by his father, Benjamin, a contingent of sixteen strong men, led by Ammon was granted leave to see if they could discover what had happened to the group of Nephites that were lost to them. This group had departed many years before, led by Zeniff to try to reinherit the lands of Nephi and had not been heard from since.

Ammon was a descendant of Zarahemla (Mulekite) and a Christian who had loved the words that King Benjamin had preached before he died. He also seems to have been given priesthood although did not feel worthy to use it when an opportunity presented itself to baptize king Limhi.

Ammon and his men wandered many days in the wilderness before coming to the city of Nephi. They saw the king outside the walls of the city and tried to approach him but were arrested and imprisoned for two days before they could expain who they were. King Limhi, was overjoyed when he found out who they were and, with the help of Gideon, Ammon were able to help them all escape from their Lamanite bondage and travel to the land of Zarahemla in the north where they would be safe.

Mosiah 7, 8, 21, 22

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