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Born to his father Kib during his long years in captivity. On the hill Ephraim Shule made swords to arm his people and then went to war against his brother (who had taken the kingdom from Kib). Shule was victorious but spared his brother Corihor (who was loyal to Shule ever after) and was made king by his father.

Unfortunately, Shule saw much war in his days. Corihor's sons rebelled against their father and attacked Shule, driving him out and capturing much of his kingdom. At one point, they even captured Shule himself though he was saved in a daring rescue by his faithful sons. Eventually, peace was restored and Shule supported the prophets in crying repentance unto the people by a law which allowed them access to preach anywhere.

Shule is the father of Omer.

Ether 7

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