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Squaring-Off in the Promised Land

This is a game for two or more players and the goal is to capture as much land as you can by completing boxes.   The first player draws a line, horizontally or vertically, connecting two dots.   The next player does the same and so on.   Keep taking turns and soon a player will be able to draw a line that completes a square.   When the player does this they can put their initials in the center of their captured land (the completed square) and go again.   If this player completes another square they go again but if not, it becomes the next player's turn.

When all squares are completed count up the number of lands (squares) for each player.   Each land counts as 1 Point but if the land contains Captain Moroni it is worth 5 points.   The player with the most wins!

The "Short Game" is great for two players and the "Long Game" is best for 3 or more (or 2 really patient players)!


Squaring off

Right-click the links below to download a short or longer version.

Short Game pdf - Long Game pdf

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