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A Book of Mormon Clue Card Game
3-5 players

Introduction: Someone has killed __________ in the lands of the Book of Mormon. You must find out who killed him, with what and where he was killed. This can be played like regular Clue, like the Clue card game or do a custom set-up to discover an actual murder that took place at the beginning of the books of Helaman or 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Included are 12 different Suspect cards, all of which have some relationship to actual killings (for example: Pachumeni was murdered by Coriantumr, with a Wall, in Zarahemla. But Coriantumr was in turn killed by Moronihah, with a Sword, in the Battlefield (just guessing about the sword but you get the idea)). Just choose the 6 out of the 12 you want to play with.

NOTE: If you don�t know how to play Clue, pick up a game and try it out. This game is based on Clue � the card game. I find it more fun than the original game because you don�t have to roll the dice and try to get to one location or another. Also the rounds go quicker and that works better for seminary classes. I will give you an abbreviated version of the rules here and if you are already familiar with the game that should be all you need.

Each round of play should include:
6 Subject cards (you have 12 to choose the 6 cards from)
6 Weapon cards
9 Destination cards (print off an extra set of these and keep them separate. Perhaps print them on a different color cardstock. These will be the destination markers)
36 Action cards (which include Suggestion, Super Sleuth, Private Tip, and Snoop cards)

1. To play with a random crime, separate Subject, Weapon and Destination cards. Shuffle each group and select one card. Put them in an envelope. This is your crime and should include 1 Subject card, 1 Weapon card and 1 Destination card. NOTE: If you wish to set up a particular killing as described in the Book of Mormon, take out those cards ahead of time - 1 Subject card, 1 Weapon card and 1 Destination card.

2. Shuffle the left-over Subject, Weapon and Destination cards together and deal them out to each player.

3. Shuffle the Action cards and give one to each player and put the rest in the middle of the players.

4. Instead of a board, use the second set of Destination cards (we�ll call them Destination markers). Give one to each player that they should place face-up in front of them for all to see. Put the rest, face-up around the deck of Action cards in the middle.

5. Give every player a Detective Sheet. Players should mark off all the cards they have in hand. Obviously those are not the solution.

Now we are ready to begin!

The dealer goes first and play passes to the left. On your turn, you:

1. Take the top card of the Action deck and add it to your hand.

2. Play one of your two action cards. They are pretty self-explanatory but there are some other instructions on them later in the rules.

3. Conclude your turn by checking off the identity of any clue cards you were shown.

4. If you are ready to make your Final Accusation do it now, otherwise place the action card you used, face-up onto the discard pile next to the Action deck.

5. The player on your left now takes his turn

To play an action card (except a Private Tip card) just lay it on the table in front of you. Make a Suggestion from any destination You can make a suggestion from the Destination marker in front of you or switch your Destination marker with another player or with those around the deck in the middle. For example: If the Destination marker in front of you is Zarahemla, but you want to make a suggestion at the River Sidon, switch those two markers and make your suggestion. Now you must hold onto that destination until you play another action card that allows you to switch or another player switches on their turn.

Make a Suggestion from present destination (or move):
Make a suggestion from the Destination marker in front of you or switch Destination markers. If you switch Destination markers you cannot make a suggestion that turn.

Select one opponent and pick one card in his hand to look at.

All Snoop:
All players participate as described on the card. For example: If All Snoop is to the left, every player may choose one card to look at from the opponent to their left.

Super Sleuth:
Read the card aloud and show it to your opponents. Do what is written on the card. For example: If the card reads, �Every player must show me one destination card� then each player must do that. If a player has more than one, they only need to show one. If a player has none they declare that.

Private Tip:
Pass this card face down to an opponent who picks it up and reads it to himself. He then returns the card with any cards the Private Tip card instructs (assuming he has them). You may then look at the cards and return them. Discard the Private Tip card face down under the discard pile.

Just name any Suspect, Weapon and the Destination marker that is before you. Example: If the Palace Destination marker was before me I might say, �I suggest that it was Seantum in the Palace with the Poison.

When you make a suggestion, starting with the player on your left, he/she should show you one of those three cards if they have them. If they do, mark it off on your detective sheet and wrap up your turn. If the player to your left does not have any of the three cards suggested, move on to the next player to the left and so on until someone has a clue to show you. If no one does� hmmmmm.

When you are confident you know all the elements of the crime (Subject, Weapon, Destination) then, when it is your turn, announce that you are making your final Accusation and announce what you think it is. Then you can look at the 3 cards that have been secreted away. If you are right � YOU WIN! If you are wrong, put the cards back and sit quietly for the rest of the game. We still need you there to show your clues but you can�t make any other suggestions.

Have fun and I hope this works well for you in your classes or for Family Home Evening.

Right-Click on the links below for the individual files or the final link for a zip file of all the files.

Card Set 1
Card Set 2
Card Set 3
Card Set 4
Card Set 5
Card Set 6
Card Set 7
Detective Sheets
Zip file containing all of the above files


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