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Warriors of the Promised Land

As of 2011, Warriors of the Promised Land is out of print and there are no plans by the publisher to reprint it. On a personal note, it was a real act of faith for my friends at Covenant to try it in the first place. History has demonstrated that more complicated or involved games do not do well in most markets but especially ours. I don't blame us - I know that when I have time to play with my kids I want a game I can learn quickly with rounds that will be fun and not take too much time.

On top of that, there were printing, editing and design problems with the rules that were not able to be resolved before the product went to print so many people found the rules laborious and confusing - D'oh!

For those of you that have found enjoyment with this product (and I've heard from many of you), this page will remain as a support for those who would like to get the most out of their game.

For anyone playing the game, one way you can increase the fun of the rounds is to only play 3-5 rounds and do not randomly choose your cards from the deck you've been dealt. Search through all the cards and pick your best sets. It makes the rounds much more exciting and dramatic.

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