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A bit about the Artist/Author...

James H. Fullmer is author/illustrator of some unique products found in the LDS market today. His first release was the bestselling game, Book of Mormon Battles which was followed by Warriors of the Promised Land. He has also done the design and art for the Book of Mormon Chess game and has had his art featured in other LDS publications. More recently, Brother Fullmer has published his first children�s book, Franklin Edward�s Amazing Book of Mormon Adventures to great critical acclaim among 5 to 7 year olds.

James (Jay) has recently finished a landmark book taking the reader through the Book of Mormon but from the less known stories point of view. It contains more than 100 illustrations, timelines and maps! Other Heroes of the Book of Mormon, was a dream project for Jay who has a passion for the often missed stories in the scriptures. Feel free to see some of the history of it's creation here on this blog.

Jay has a lifetime of leadership service in the Church and works full-time for the Church Education System as an Institute Director and Seminary Coordinator for much of Wisconsin. He loves to be with his amazing wife and surrounded by some incredible sons... and there's a parrot too.

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