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Ammon son of Mosiah

Son of king Mosiah II, he was with Alma the younger when he saw the angel. He was the brother of Aaron, Omner and Himni. He refused to take his rightful place as king in favor of serving the Lord as a missionary. He and his brothers went on a mission to the Lamanites because, "...they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish." (Mosiah 28:3)

After separating from his brethren, Ammon went to the land of Ishmael and became the servant of King Lamoni. Because of his powerful example in defending the king's flock and his faithfulness to Lamoni, the king listened to and accepted Ammon's gospel message. Many 1000s of Lamanites are converted during his 14 year mission and these converts are eventually bought down into the land of the Nephites and are called the people of Ammon.

Mosiah 27 - 29 and Alma 17 - 35

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