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King Lamoni

A descendant of Ishmael and a king among the Lamanites in the land of Ishmael who, with his people, was converted because of the missionary work of Ammon.   They bury their weapons of war, covenanting with God never to take them up again. His father, the king over all the Lamanites, upon hearing of Lamoni's befriending a Nephite, almost kills his son but eventually becomes converted himself.

One of my favorite moments with this faithful man is during his conversion when he has fallen to the earth for days as if he were dead.

The queen had stayed up all night to watch over her husband and, in the morning, he wakes up just like Ammon said he would. Lamoni not only sees God differently but sees his wife differently.

"And it came to pass that he arose, according to the words of Ammon; and as he arose, he stretched forth his hand unto the woman, and said: Blessed be the name of God, and blessed art thou. For as sure as thou livest, behold, I have seen my Redeemer; and he shall come forth, and be born of a woman, and he shall redeem all mankind who believe on his name."
Alma 19:11-13

His first words are to bless God but in the same breath he blesses his wife - Why? Because she is a woman and the Redeemer of us all would be brought into the world by a woman. Lamoni sees his wife in a brand new and wonderful way. What a great love story!

Alma 17 - 24

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