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Not much is know about this faithful Lamanite woman. She lived in the land of Ishmael and was a servant to King Lamoni and his wife. She was there when the king, queen, Ammon and all the other servants had fallen to the earth (being filled with the Spirit of the Lord). Her father had seen a remarkable vision from the Lord and she had been converted to the Lord (in secret) for many years because of it.

Her first attempt at missionary work, seems to have been after those mentioned above had fallen to the earth. She ran from house to house telling the people what had happened, hoping they would come and see and be converted to the Lord. It didn't quite work out that way. Those that gathered were filled with fear and anger at the sight of their king and queen fallen to the earth and there began to be sharp contentions.

As soon as Abish saw this she was, "exeedingly sorrowful, even unto tears." She took the queen by the hand that perhaps she might lift her up and when she did the queen awoke. The rest followed and the king, queen, Ammon and the servants, immediately ministered to the crowed and there were many gathered that did believe their words and were baptized.

Alma 19


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